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what is BEACH CAMP?


Beach Camp is all about teenagers gathering together under one name, Jesus Name.  Middle School and High School students will gather for 5 days to worship, pray, study, and hang out on the shores of Gulf Shores Beach!  


Students will engage in eight different worship experiences that are designed with their growth in mind. In every worship experience students will have the opportunity to worship, pray, receive God's word, and discuss what God is doing.

Family groups:

All students will be assigned a family group upon arrival to camp.  Every family group has a mom and a dad who will help guide conversation and encourage students to live the life God has for them.  Family groups are one of the most impactful experiences at Beach Camp.

Bunk wars:

Bunks will compete in high-energy games to earn bunk points, bunk prizes, and oh yea, bragging rights... "BUNK FIIIIVVVEEEE!"


$300.00 per camper. Need help? Apply for a scholarship by clicking the link below!



All activities take place at Gulf Shores Beach, Alabama.  You will receive a packet with camp details and lodging after registering for Beach Camp 2018.



6am - Drop off

6:30am - Busses leave

12:00pm - Lunch

3:30pm - Check in at lodge

4:00pm - Check in at bunks

5:30pm - Dinner

7:00pm - Worship & Orientation

9:00pm - Family Groups

10:00pm LATE NIGHT

12:00pm - Lights out


7:30am - Breakfast

8:15am - Quiet Time

8:45am - Family Group

9:30 - Morning Worship

11:15am - Family Group

12:00pm - Lunch

1:00pm - Meet In Bunks

1:30pm - Bunk Wars on Beach

2:15pm - Free Time (Beach, Volleyball, Pool,)

5:30pm - Dinner

7:00pm - Night Worship

9:00pm - Family Groups

10:00pm - Late Night

12:00pm - Lights Out


7:30am - Pack up, clean up

8:30am - Breakfast

9:00am - Load Buss

12:00pm - Lunch

6:00pm - Pick up



Please complete registration form below to register for BEACH CAMP 2018!

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