Popcorn Balls and Razor Blades

It's finally fall! It seems like the majority of people love this time of year.
When I was a kid, fall was the season when my Grandma Wells would make homemade popcorn balls. I loved those sticky sweet treats! I knew trick-or-treating was just around the corner because my grandma made hundreds of those popcorn balls to give out on Halloween night. Then, all of a sudden out of nowhere, a news story broke letting our nation know that someone was inserting needles and razor blades in Halloween treats.

Guess what? No more homemade popcorn balls.
Parents were worried sick about the treats their kids received and we were all required to dump out our candy stash on the table so our parents could inspect all of it before we enjoyed any of it.

While fall activities may have changed over the years, we still have several amazing opportunities to make some new friends and meet our neighbors this month!
Let me tell you how.

1 - Trunk or  Treat Community Outreach at the North Rutherford YMCA
As the body of Christ, we have the opportunity to connect with hundreds of children and parents on Thursday night, October 25th from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. This outreach event is a blast! Through community outreach events like Trunk or Treat, God gives us the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with people in our community. Please join us! It's not too late to sign up, decorate your trunk, and love the people of our city. Click HERE to sign up now.

2 - Hallow "weenie" Outreach Thingy
Here's another great idea! Do you realize Halloween night is the one night of the entire year the majority of your neighbors come to your front door? Years ago, our family decided to do more than just give out candy. We decided to set up a grill in the driveway right next to the street and give away free hotdogs. Well, over 10 years later, this simple outreach idea has allowed our family to connect with neighbors we would have never met.
There are so many ways we can Love God, Love People, and Prove It!

My encouragement to you is to step up and love people well.
Let others know this fall how Christ changed your life.
When they ask, "why are doing this?" let them know it's because you have experienced God's unconditional love and grace in your own life, and now, your hearts desire is to be a blessing to others!

I can't wait! And if by chance, you want to make a batch of homemade popcorn balls, I'm more than willing to take one off your hands!

-Pastor Kent Shingleton

Jared Shingleton