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57º | No! | Temptation

Greetings to my Hope family! Let me explain the SUBJECT LINE for this email. #1 – Glory to God the high temp this Sunday is 57º! Break out the t-shirts and shorts. Worship this week will include communion. Please join us and invite a friend. #2 – No! No Hope students or ladies study tonight at RSE. Stay safe. […]

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These girls are all in. Do your notes look like this?

It was brought to my attention last night how several of the high school girls at church are so engaged as followers of Jesus Christ. Look at this screen shot of their notes from this past Sunday. Wow! This is AWESOME! God has graced us with this amazing opportunity to grow leaders and make disciples. So here’s […]

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Happy 2018 Hope Fellowship

Happy 2018 Hope Fellowship! So excited for the new year and all that God has in store. I love the start of anything new! New seasons, new days, new months and especially new years. There are new dreams to be had, new goals to make, and all sorts of possibilities. With all the options and […]

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