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This whole thing started with Jesus…

For the past seven months if you’ve been listening, you’ve heard us talk about OIKOS. Hopefully, you are starting to ask WHY? WHY all this talk about OIKOS? Why in the world do you guys at church keep talking about this? Here’s the answer. BECAUSE JESUS DID. Jesus was all about making disciples. In the Gospels, […]

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Another year of life…

This coming Monday is my birthday. I’m in the season of life where birthday fanfare is not the big deal it used to be. Here is what my special day will probably look like: 1 – My mom will call me Monday morning and sing “happy birthday” to me on the phone. It will be […]

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Earlier this week I heard a shocking statistic. I learned that on average, only 4% of kids who attend a traditional VBS in a church are actually (un)churched. Translation: 96% of the kids who come to a church VBS are connected to families who are already active believers in an evangelical church. I’m now even […]

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